vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

Lief portemonneetje maken (in het Engels)

Deze tutorial heb ik op verzoek gemaakt, hij is in het Engels maar als je goed naar de plaatjes kijkt lukt het vast.

A little girls’ wallet

Good luck with making your own little wallet!

First get all the things you need together:

 A nice embroidery pattern (this is usually the hardest)

·        Fabric for the outside as well as the inside of the wallet. Here I have chosen leather vinyl for the outside and a lovely cotton for the inside. You can  iron some stabilizer on the back for extra strength.
·        Sewing thread in a matching color.
·        Machine embroidery handy things like hoops, stabilizer (sticky) and thread.
·        Wallet closure.
·        Textile glue.

You Lay the closure on a piece of paper and go round it with a pencil.

Measure the middle of this and draw a line upwards. (line 1)

Then measure the height of the closure and draw a line at least double this height, down. (line 2)

Then draw a line from the bottom of this line to the left (or right) This will be the bottom of the wallet. It’s up to you how big you want your wallet to be. Also depending on the size of the closure. (line 3)

Then draw a line from the bottom line to the closure. (line 4)

Cut off the bottom corner so your wallet doesn't look too pointy at the bottom. You may also round off the corners.
Now draw round your pattern the seam allowance: 0,5 cm for top half and 1cm for the bottom half.
You only have to draw one side because you can fold it over and cut it out.

There you have a pattern for your wallet!

Lay it on the vinyl and cut it out. Do the same with the cotton.

Hoop some sticky stabilizer (I can never remember how the stuff is called) and lay the vinyl on it. I use the sticky stabilizer because I don’t want to hoop the vinyl. The hoop will show on the vinyl.
Embroider the embroidery pattern on the vinyl.
On leather vinyl I usually use an Organ Super stretch 75 needle.

You can embroider something on both sides if you like, I’ll stick to one.
Take the vinyl off the hoop and pin together with other half. Do this also with the cotton. Check the photo to see where you need to stitch.
Trim the seams round the corners.

Now comes a bit of a tricky part, so pay attention J

Turn the vinyl part right side out. Then put this inside the cotton part. Right side to right side.

Pin round the top edges.

Sew with 1 cm seam allowance. Trim these seams.

Turn inside out and all of a sudden it looks like something!

Pull up the cotton part and close the bottom with a thin seam. Put back inside and then the gluing can begin!

Take your closure and fill one side at a time with a lot of glue. Don’t be tight put plenty in. Afterwards you can clean leftover glue easily off.

After you have put the glue in, stuff one half of the wallet in the gap. Make sure it is well stuffed in. Leave to dry for 10 minutes and then do the same with the other half.

Now don’t go spending your money straight away ;

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Samen dingen doen is leuk!

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